Sourcing on Demand

It’s important to stay detail oriented with every project we tackle. Staying focused allows us to turn every project we complete into something we love.

Being one of the most promising recruitment agencies in India, we take it upon ourselves to connect with candidates who would make for a perfect fit for the organisation. The perfect fit here isn’t a candidate who is hired in a rush due to the pressure of deadlines, or one who is hired just on the weightage of their qualifications.

Instead, we go through a quick yet painstakingly effective process where thorough background checks are conducted for each candidate. The aim here is to align the requirements of the organisation to the candidate and vice versa so that the end result is a happy and productive candidate who can give it his 100% every single day at work.

Having said that, let us give you a quick summary of how our process as an HR consulting service works.

1) We analyze the specific job profiles and their job descriptions to have a clear understanding of your requirements.

2) We connect with candidates through our vast outreach of highly dependable networks. Our aim here is to effectively communicate the job description across while determining which network/channel would be most effective.

3) We analyze the profiles of the candidates who match the descriptions, conduct effective background checks to ensure the candidate has the skill-sets to match the role, check for work-culture fit, and most importantly - determine whether the candidate’s ambition matches that of the organisations.

Of course, the sheer need for a thorough process comes from the tribulations associated with a wrong hire. Studies show that the costs associated with a wrong hire can exceed INR 20 Lakhs for a candidate, whereas a happier employee tends to be 20% more productive. But it’s not just about productivity. We believe that the true cost of the right hire goes beyond a financial figure or statistic, as it has a huge positive impact on a team’s camaraderie as well as the overall work culture.

Therefore, finding the most effective outcome, or as we like to think of it - finding the outcome that creates a positive impact on candidates and organisations, is what we strive to achieve in our quest to be the best job consultancy in India for abroad opportunities.

Whether you are an organisation looking for a top job consultancy in Bangalore, or a candidate seeking jobs in Dubai or jobs in Saudi Arabia amongst other such opportunities abroad, we believe that the fruits of our labour will always work to your advantage.