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We help organisations hire talent that is built for the skill

The guidelines for success in the ever-evolving professional world are often short-lived, but if there is one constant that we have come across in over 35 years of experience as International recruitment consultants, it’s the importance of organisations hiring the right talent.

Our vision then is based on this very understanding. We see ourselves as a sourcing channel that can make a difference. But what makes the difference you ask? Well, it’s actually the summation of two very crucial factors:

An in-depth understanding of your needs. A meticulous sourcing process for talent that fits your needs.

After all, it’s not just about finding the best talent for you, it’s about finding the best-fit talent, and that’s what we at emKraft do. We’re an International Placements Consultancy firm headquartered in Bangalore and have partner offices in Asia, Middle East, Africa & North America. Our team comprises of experienced professionals who have honed their sourcing skills over the years and across a plethora of industries and countries.

Right from Oil & Gas, Engineering, Construction, Management, IT, to even the Hospitality and Banking sectors, our expertise spans a broad range of requirements. Of course, our reputation for being the leading manpower consultants in India for Gulf countries comes from successful sourcing projects in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar amongst many other countries.

We understand that great talent is the foundation of any great organisation, and with emKraft, you can be rest assured that your foundations are in the right hands.

About Us